Here are some articles I’ve written.

SEO for the Modern Website

I've had a really educational year. I've learned a ton about WordPress security, and a ton about SEO. Some of it I've come by organically, or on-the-job, some of it I've had to research in order to dig myself out of holes. My SEO discoveries are surprising and...

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Get Your Business on the Internet!

If you've been thinking about creating an online catalog for your small to medium sized business, then wait no longer! But before you run off and hire a freelancer, there are some things to consider, and some important information you should think about first. There...

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Managing Your Designer

Getting What You Need and Want from a Website Designer First, you need to consider what kind of website you want or need. Do you plan to use your website as a digital catalog? Do you want it to be an electronic storefront? Do you just need a way to generate contact...

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Why Your Business Needs a Website

Forget the obvious. Everyone who wasn't born before 1900 knows that if you want to get your name under the nose of a potential client, that you need some kind of web presence. What separates the successful business website from the fire-and-forget websites is having a...

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