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Good websites don't have to be expensive, and cheap websites don't have to be bad.
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I’m Cris! I build and upgrade websites for businesses all over the world. I have many years of experience in website design, with extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO), theme customization, graphic design, media editing, Content Management experience, and eCommerce development. I work with jQuery, MySQL databases, and myriad other little web apps and services. My websites are dynamic, responsive, and deliver their messages powerfully.

The biggest difference between my work and that of my competition is this: I FINISH what I start. I cannot count the number of introductions I’ve had where my client’s first sentence included something to the effect of, “my last web guy just dropped the ball and disappeared.” That’s not how I operate. My work always reflects the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.

Don’t forget to read my recent articles. I try to focus on the needs of small businesses with regards to Internet marketing and eCommerce.

WordPress Consultant

Yes, I am a registered WordPress consultant. I design and maintain WordPress websites all over the world.

Jack of All Trades

For those of you who have websites, but not the time to keep them updated, I’m your one-stop solution: graphics, coding, SEO, and more!

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